Review: Emma Premium Mattress
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Review: Emma Premium Mattress

Sweet dreams are made of this

Emma Sleep is the UK’s most awarded sleep brand – but how does its premium mattress stack up to expectations when introduced to a flat that’s mid-renovation? Amy Wakeham tests it out. 

Review: Emma Premium Mattress

They say that moving house is one of – if not the most – stressful things you can do. Well, I see that and raise you six months of living in renovation limbo, with no carpets, curtains or radiators; moving out, moving back in again, and then moving out once more, like some kind of houseless hokey-cokey; sleeping on the sofa, sleeping in friends’ spare rooms, sleeping on the floor. 

So when the doorbell rang one dark and rainy Friday night in November, as we stood around forlornly assessing the piles of dust-covered boxes, empty paint cans and bin bags of dirty laundry, it was with a mixture of relief and trepidation. It was our brand new Emma mattress – but with no bed or, frankly, available floor space, where on earth would we put it?

The delivery driver handed over a surprisingly small, chest-height box, and we carefully carried it over the detritus in the hallway, painstakingly slow to avoid scuffing our newly lined and painted walls. 

With a bit of rejigging we cleared a couple of square metres of space in the spare bedroom (the main bedroom being currently inaccessible) and slid the mattress out of its box. Emma sends its mattresses vacuum packed so they’re super compact, which is ideal for delivery and storage – and also really fun when it comes to unpacking them. As soon as I cut open the outer wrap the mattress started to inflate, filling a space that just 10 minutes previously had been crammed with boxes and dusty tote bags of junk. The mattresses usually take around five hours to reach their full size, so by the time we were ready to hit the hay it was good to go. 

It felt especially amazing to finally be sleeping in our own home once again – albeit camped out on the floorboards. But regardless of the chaos around us, those first few nights on our Emma mattress – we chose the Premium option – were as comfy and cosy as if we’d been staying in a five-star hotel. The mattress’s ergonomic design means you feel supported and stable, while its memory foam layer feels like you’re being cocooned. Plus, despite the aforementioned lack of radiators and curtains, we never once felt cold at night, which must have been due to its canny temperature-regulating top layer.

A week later, and we were finally able to clear the main bedroom and assemble our bed. On top went the Emma Premium mattress and our most luxurious White Company sheets – after months of living out of suitcases, we felt we deserved it. And, despite the continued upheaval of living in a building site, I’ve never slept better. 

Looking back, the arrival of the Emma mattress was a key moment in our home-making story, signalling the beginning of the end of the renovation rigmarole, and the start of an exciting new chapter. 


Emma Premium Mattress starts at £799. Mattress gifted for review.