16 Beautiful British Perfume Brands To Discover Now
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16 Beautiful British Perfume Brands To Discover Now

Spoil someone with these home-grown scents

When it comes to rich and sophisticated fragrances, no one does it quite like the Brits. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, thinking of upgrading your stash of perfumes or are after the diffuser of dreams, we’ve got you covered. From eau de cologne to scented candles, these are the British perfume brands making life smell good.

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Beautiful British Fragrance & Perfume Brands To Discover Now

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Clear perfume bottle on painted blue floral background - British perfume brands

Floral Street

‘My mission is to bring fine fragrance to the modern woman – so that she might build an entire fragrance wardrobe which can express the many facets of who she is,’ said Floral Street founder, Michelle Feeney. The British perfumer is dedicated to making luxury fragrance accessible and planet-friendly, utilising vegan ingredients (which are traceable from seed to scent) and pioneering reusable, recyclable and biodegradable pulp packaging for perfumes. Each bottle of perfume is described as a bouquet of flowers, with curves of fragrance letting your scent flourish throughout the day.


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With over 200 years of perfume-making under its belt, it’s safe to say you that heritage perfumer brand Atkinsons is long-standing amongst Brits. The perfumer was founded in 1799 by James Atkinson, who, according to legend, left Northern England at the end of the century with his pet bear to find fame amongst the cosmopolitan elite. He did so pretty quickly, becoming a favourite of George IV (and subsequently the Official Perfumer to the Royal Court of England). These days, you’ll find Atkinsons selling its rich perfumes and colognes in some of London’s most prestigious department stores.


Blue perfume bottle on stones on white background - British perfume brands

Miller Harris

Founded by renowned perfumer Lyn Harris in 2000, one of the first female master perfumers to break into the industry, Miller Harris is known for crafting scents evoke nature and the British countryside. Specialising in bespoke fragrances, the brand focuses on using high-quality natural ingredients to create stories that celebrate the everyday.


Red perfume bottles with gold crowns on top - British perfume brands

Clive Christian

Renowned as one of the world’s finest perfume houses, British perfume brand Clive Christian is synonymous with luxury fragrance. First known as the Crown Perfumery Company, the brand is known for its crown-topped perfume bottles – specifically the royal crown, which was granted use by Queen Victoria herself in 1872. Clive Christian acquired the brand in 1999, bringing it into a new era of modern fragrance. The perfumer uses the finest ingredients in its fragrances, opting for the likes of aged sandalwood from India, rare saffron and the latest perfume technology.


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Roja Parfums

This independent perfumery house was founded by master perfumer Roja Dove in 2011. Working with luxury ingredients, each fragrance from the brand (whether signature scents or home blends) was designed to tell stories, trigger emotions and create memories. ‘When you find a fragrance you connect with,’ says Roja. ‘It helps you become your truest self.’


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Jo Malone

Known for its vast offering of bath, body and home fragrances, Jo Malone is one of Britain’s best-known luxury lifestyle brands. From candles and diffusers to colognes and pillow mists, this is the brand to go for gift shopping.


Penhaligon's fragrances with cards on table


British eccentricity comes in buckets with Penhaligon’s, which was founded in the late nineteenth century by Queen Victoria’s Court Baber and Perfumer, William Henry Penhaligon. The perfume house is known today for its heady scent concoctions, which comes in beautiful glass bottles topped with miniature metal animal heads.



Yardley London

Having recently celebrated its 250th anniversary, Yardley London is one of the oldest British fragrance houses out there. The brand, which started with soaps and perfumes, offers its loyal customers a range of body sprays, mists, lotions and hand creams in traditional and contemporary floral notes.


Tom Daxon Crushing Bloom Eau de Parfum

Tom Daxon

In contrast to some of the heritage brands with centuries of scent behind them, Tom Daxon is only in its 10th year, but is already a firm favourite in the luxury fragrance sector. For something rich and romantic, try Crushing Bloom.


Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates was founded in 1985 by  Sue Beechey and Geraldine Howard, who began the brand’s journey by creating therapeutic blends, based on their customers’ needs, from a humble kitchen table in London. Today, customers can get their fill of products, from shower oils and skincare to scrubs and lotions, that target specific wellness needs like stress relief and hormone balancing.


Floris London


Dating back to the 1730s, when founder Juan Famenias Floris began selling perfume, combs and shaving products in London’s St James, Floris serves up elegant British fragrances embedded in history. The brand, which has been favoured by numerous royals (Princess Diana famously opened Floris’ Devon factory in 1989), has also previously created fragrances to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond and Platinum Jubilees.




A relatively new brand, Nostara was set up in 2016 in the rural county of Somerset. The brand started out with natural soy wax candles and soy-based reed diffusers created using essential oils, but now also offers room mists and body products. Nostara proudly uses locally-sourced ingredients to create its products, as well as sustainable materials where possible.


Johnson & White

Johnson & White Aromas

Founded on a shared passion for travel, fragrance, and design, Johnson & White Aromas was set up by sisters Danielle and Laura to create products that captured the scents and smells of the places they had been to. Bringing the world to homes across the UK, the brand offers its customers a range of beautifully designed candles, diffusers and room perfumes.




A favourite of spas up and down the country, ESPA uses plant extracts, marine actives and essential oils to create products that offer luxurious results. As well as skincare and body products, the brand also makes candles, mists and diffusers in its signature scents.


Rachel Vosper

Rachel Vosper

Rachel Vosper is known for its beautiful, hand-poured candles and home fragrances inspired by the landscapes of Barbados and Devon. The brand, which began creating its candles in 1994, opts for natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients and even offers a refill service where customers can get their candles topped up with their favourite scents.


Jo Loves british perfume brands

Jo Loves

Created by Jo Malone (who left Jo Malone London in 2006), Jo Loves is a British perfume and wellness brand dedicated to the joys and pleasures of scent. The brand specialises in scent, bath, body and candle collections, with fresh and unexpected fragrance combinations in the spotlight.


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