Farrar & Tanner Make Personalised Gifts To Be Treasured Forever

By CTH Editors

4 months ago

Farrar & Tanner is a Great British Brand 2024

Farrar & Tanner is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

Farrar & Tanner: Great British Brand 2024

‘As Farrar & Tanner moves into its eighth year, we stay faithful to our founding principles: we provide quality, personalised gifts that will be treasured for years to come and even be handed down as heirlooms. Today our range covers gifts to make every occasion that much more special – from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and christenings – always with our signature insistence on quality. 

Quality is key – people want to give premium gifts that will endure. Delighting customers means that they repeatedly return to us for all their gifts. They’ll never find plastic gadgets – all pieces are designed to last and made with pride by British and European manufacturers, including prestigious brands like Robert Welch, Barbour, Forge de Laguiole and Dartington Crystal. With 4,000 items online, AI helps manage a complex range: for example, we have trained ChatGPT to write item listings in our distinctive tone of voice. But we pride ourselves on preserving the human touch that you would expect from a personalised gift business. 

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Personalisation is by definition personal – a unique message enhances a beautiful or genuinely practical item, ensuring a cherished and memorable gift. At our destination Cheltenham showroom, customers see and feel the quality and can walk out with their personalised item. But our mainstay of online orders equally requires the human touch: dedicated people you can talk to by phone, precision crafted personalisation of each hand-wrapped gift, and swift worldwide dispatch. 

Speed and time are of the essence – there’s little worse than a late gift. Everyone forgets birthdays or special occasions, so orders are often last-minute; by engraving or embossing in-house, with next-day delivery every day, we make the day special and delight the customer. And our Concierge Club is a gentle reminder for next time.’ 

Matt Farrar and Richard Tanner, Co-Founders

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Five Proudest Moments

  1. In 2016, Matt Farrar and Rich Tanner launched the brand with a focus on personalised premium gifts.
  2. The year 2021 saw Farrar & Tanner showcase over 100 innovative and celebrated British and European brands on its website.
  3. Concierge Club launched in 2022, with exclusive membersonly offers and benefits, including the popular birthday and anniversary reminder service.
  4. In 2023 it opened the doors of the first Farrar & Tanner showroom in Cheltenham, welcoming customers in person.
  5. By 2023 the company had proudly passed the milestone of delivering 250,000 gifts – and counting.

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What I’ve Learnt…

  • Quality is key for gifts that will endure: items that are well-designed and made to last. 
  • Personalisation is personal: dedicated service with the human touch, whether by phone or in skilled engraving of each hand-wrapped gift.
  • Speed is essential: customers want things quickly, often ordering last minute. Personalising on-site, with next-day delivery seven days a week, keeps customers happy.


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