Fairfax & Favor: The Timeless Brand Bridging The Gap Between Town and Country
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Fairfax & Favor: The Timeless Brand Bridging The Gap Between Town and Country

Fairfax & Favor is a Great British Brand 2024

Fairfax & Favor is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

Fairfax & Favor: Great British Brand 2024

‘Ten years ago, when we went to places like the Burghley Game & Country Fair or the Badminton Horse Trials there was only a choice of wearing practical but not very good looking footwear like wellingtons, or something slightly trendy that didn’t survive the mud. We saw a gap in the market: just because you’re in the country doesn’t mean you can’t look good. That was the initial problem we were solving. Now we are a footwear and lifestyle brand bridging the gap between town and country by selling shoes for every occasion. 

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‘We still exhibit at country and equestrian shows, and although they are a small percentage of our brand, in a way they are our flagship. It’s such an important touch point as somewhere customers can speak to our staff, look at new products and know that they will always be welcome. We believe in that crucial one-to-one – even for customer service queries because I’ve yet to find a technology system that doesn’t irritate people; you can just tell when you’re talking to a chatbot who only has five standard sentences and doesn’t answer the question. 

‘Where analytics do help us is in monitoring bestsellers and customer favourites, both which are monumental in the creation of new products: feedback is at the forefront of most decisions. They are also useful in identifying buyer patterns – a key factor in progressing internationally as it means that we can pinpoint target markets. We are also very active on social media and part of that is our dedicated Facebook club which has over 62,000 members. During the pandemic it really came into its own as a great way to connect with and be part of a community during an isolating time. When it comes to shopping though, nothing beats a personal one-on-one experience. Ultimately, our storytelling is through people.’ 

Marcus Fairfax Fountaine, Co-Founder

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Five Proudest Moments

  1. Receiving our first 420 pairs of off-the-shelf loafers in 2013 from a factory in Spain.
  2. Our first show at the Holkham Country Fair in 2013, when we sold 80 pairs of shoes – enough to cover our costs and pay for a pitch at the next fair.
  3. Winning the Drapers magazine Footwear Awards in 2023 for Best Use of Social Media.
  4. Our first US trade show in America in 2023, when attending the Kentucky Horse Trials, helped to cement our place in the US market; it was great to hear positive feedback from customers.
  5. Being listed on the Sunday Times Fast Track list in 2023. It means so much to be recognised for our achievements over the past ten years, and makes us even more driven to continue that growth into the next decade.

What I’ve Learnt

  • People are the most important part of any business – having the right people is everything. 
  • Cash really is king. A lack of profit will kill a company in a few years but a lack of cash will kill it today.
  • If you don’t have repeat customers, you basically don’t have a business. That’s why good service is so important.

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Narford Hall, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 1JA