The Ultimate Men’s Partywear Edit

By Charlie Colville

8 months ago

Dress to impress this party season

Party season is officially in full swing – and while you may be ready, can you say the same for your wardrobe? Whatever the occasion, make sure you’re dressed to the nines with the help of our men’s partywear guide, below.

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What Counts As Partywear For Men?

While the gals may have their party wardrobe down to a T, some of the boys could use a helping hand. As the name implies, partywear is all about dressing up for fun social occasions – think Christmas parties, weddings and general celebrations. For men, that means shucking off your sweatpants, putting that hoodie back in drawer and leaving the trainers at home for the evening. Some of the more common items of clothing that fall into the category of partywear include:


A classic choice when it comes to men’s partywear, suits are perfect for multiple occasions as they come in a variety of styles – from tuxedos and slim-fit to single- and double-breasted. Team up with a pair of shiny dress shoes and a tie for a more formal look.


Not a fan of a full suit (or heading to an event that doesn’t require that level of dressing up)? Then opt for the best of both worlds with a blazer. This versatile wardrobe staple can be dressed up or down, and worn with your choice of bottoms. Depending on how dressy the occasion is, you can team up your blazer with a shirt or t-shirt.


If you want to ditch the suiting element altogether, then simply pair up your favourite pair of trousers with a shirt. You can show some personality with a fun print or colour (although try not to veer into Hawaiian shirt territory, unless otherwise advised by a dress code).


The crowning glory of any partywear ensemble is, of course, the accessories. For men, this includes ties, bow ties, watches and (if you’re wearing a shirt and blazer) cufflinks and pocket squares.

The Ultimate Men’s Partywear Edit

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