Launching Today: The Stella McCartney + Sorayama Collaboration

By Charlie Colville

7 months ago

Futuristic fashion is in the spotlight this SS24

Fashion and art collide in this new unisex capsule collection from British designer Stella McCartney and Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, which comes just ahead of the SS24 season.

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The Stella McCartney + Sorayama Collection

When we think of the Stella McCartney label, what springs to mind is typically timeless luxury, alternative materials and (more recently) horses – but blanketing it all is a vision that looks to the future. It’s no surprise, then, that the brand is bringing in the new season already with a futuristic capsule collection created with acclaimed artist Hajime Sorayama. With style notes spanning ‘desire, design and technology’, the unisex collection brings Sorayama’s artworks to life across some of the fashion brand’s clothing staples.

Woman in jumper leaning backwards

Designs from the capsule were teased earlier this year at the Stella McCartney Summer 2024 runway show, as well as a special presentation during Shanghai Fashion Week.

Sorayama has been active in the art world since 1978, and is perhaps best known for his Sexy Robot series, which explores ‘the limitations of desire, the possibilities of technology and the ideals of femininity’ – aka, his Platinum Dream. The series has been brought to life through super-real drawings, paintings and sculptures, and has massively influenced the way robotic imagery is depicted in the industry.

Woman in varsity jacket

This isn’t the first collaboration between the British luxury label and the Japanese creator, as the two previously teamed up to create the ‘S for Sustainability’ artwork in the McCartney A to Z Manifesto of 2021 – which was featured on limited edition numbered t-shirts in aid of Doctors Without Borders Japan.

Speaking on the new collaboration, Stella McCartney said: ‘I came across Sorayama’s work in the late 90s when I was living in Paris and was absolutely mesmerised by its cheeky sensuality and airbrushed quality. I met with him when I was next in Japan; we have been friends and I have been collecting his art ever since. He makes me laugh in a naughty way, and I hope this capsule communicates the playfulness and mutual admiration we have between us.’

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‘I don’t know much about fashion but I do know Stella has put her heart and soul into the brand and built it with extraordinary passion and determination,’ added Hajime Sorayama. ‘Let’s take care of ourselves and keep creating work. I love you!’

What Can We Expect From The Collaboration?

A number of Stella McCartney ready-to-wear pieces spanning t-shirts, shoes, jackets and accessories, have been transformed with illustrations by Sorayama. These include the artist’s current range of works – silver strawberries, ‘Platinum Dreams’ slogans and his Sexy Robots series – as well as a brand new piece depicting a Vitruvian Woman in his singular ‘superrealism’ style, reimagined with Stella McCartney’s face.

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Carefully selecting the materials to create this capsule, Stella McCartney opted for the likes of NONA Source repurposed deadstock fabrics for the varsity jackets, responsibly sourced wool for tailored pieces, organic cotton for denim sets and vegan fabrics for the accessories.

The collection comes to us in a campaign fronted by model and actress Iris Law, who is part of the brand’s global community of changemakers.

When Will The Collaboration Be Available?

The Stella McCartney + Sorayama limited edition capsule will be split into two drops, with the first arriving on 6 December 2023 and the second in January 2024.

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Where Can You Shop?

The collaboration will be available to shop in Stella McCartney stores and online at

Images courtesy of Stella McCartney