13 Fantastic Resale Platforms To Know In 2023

By Charlie Colville

1 year ago

Looking for last season's go-to bag? You've come to the right place

Looking to cut costs (and your carbon footprint) the next time you go shopping for a wardrobe update? Try one of these brilliant resale platforms, which specialise in pre-loved, vintage and second-hand finds from your favourite brands. 

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What Does A Resale Platform Do?

Resale platforms allow us to buy and sell pre-owned or second-hand items – in our case, clothing, accessories, shoes and jewellery – on an online marketplace. Individuals or brands can list items for sale on these platforms, so that potential buyers can browse, search, bid on and purchase those items.

How Do They Work?

This depends on the platform itself. Most operate by a postal service, where you list your items and then post them directly to the person buying them (postal fees are sometimes covered, but it’s worth checking beforehand), while others work through drop-offs and courier services. Either way, the basic principles of resale platforms enable sellers to list items online, where shoppers can buy from the platform’s website directly.

Resale Platforms To Know In 2023

Bridal Rental

Featured image: Vestiaire Collective