The Best Hair Thickening Shampoos To Try Now

Volumising heroes to slot into your haircare routine

Have you noticed a change in your hair recently? If you’re locks are looking lacklustre and thinner than usual, it might be time to consider investing in a little treatment booster. Here, we round up some of our favourite hair thickening shampoos that help to volumise and restore strands to their former glory.

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What Are The Causes Of Hair Thinning?

First of all, we should note that hair thinning is an incredibly common occurrence among men and women. Some of the factors that can contribute to hair loss and thinning include medical conditions, hormonal changes (which can be caused by things like stress and menopause), again and your genetics.

What Can We Do To Prevent Hair Thinning?

One of the best things we can to make sure our hair stays thick and healthy is make sure we maintain good hair and scalp care. Inflammation is one of the biggest impactors on hair growth, so making sure you avoid putting your hair in strenuous situations is important. This means cracking down on our use of heating tools, hair dyes and bleaches, as well as wearing our hair up in tight ponytails or braids for long periods of time. Keeping a regular schedule to wash your hair and scalp will also help keep an optimum environment for your hair to thrive.

While hair thickening shampoos can also help, they aren’t a cure-all product. They aren’t miracle workers, so don’t expect a newly-grown head of hair after just a few uses. These shampoos work by targeting specific areas that can help hair look fuller, whether by nourishing and plumping up individual strands, eliminating hair gaps or creating a healthy scalp (facilitating the perfect environment for hair growth). Want to try it out? Browse through our pick of the best hair thickening shampoos below:

The Best Hair Thickening Shampoos To Try Now

Our Top 5 Picks

  1. Best For Restoring Bounce: Kérastase Densifique Bain Densité Shampoo
  2. Best For Scalp Health: Aveda Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo Rich
  3. Best For Hair Growth: Noughty Get Set, Grow Thickening Shampoo
  4. Best For Strengthening: Monpure Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo
  5. Best For Men’s Haircare: Salt Grooming Thickening Shampoo
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Densifique Bain Densité Shampoo, £27.15, kerastase.co.uk

Best For: Restoring bounce

A favourite among shampoo savants, this lightweight formula targets thinning by strengthening strands and creating texture, giving hair a revived bounce and volume.

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Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo Rich, £27.50, aveda.co.uk

Best For: Scalp health

Another common cause of hair loss is from breakage due to frail or stressed strands. Aveda’s vegan shampoo combats this by gently exfoliating the scalp and nourishing hair (without stripping any natural oils), creating the ‘optimal foundation for thicker, fuller looking hair’.

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Get Set, Grow Thickening Shampoo, £7.99, lovenoughty.co.uk

Best For: Hair growth

One of Noughty’s most positively reviewed products, the Get Set, Grow shampoo is crafted from organic pea sprout extract, an ingredient praised for its ability to promote hair growth, as well as hyaluronic acid for a dose of deep hydration.

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Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo, £36, monpure.com

Best For: Strengthening

Ideal for fortifying weak strands, Monpure’s shampoo uses ingredients like hydrolysed keratin and vegan silk peptides to create a ‘second skin’ barrier around scalp and hair. The incorporation of aloe vera also makes this an ideal pick for those who struggle with a sensitive scalp.

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Salt Grooming

Thickening Shampoo, £20.99, saltgrooming.com

Best For: Men’s haircare

This shampoo is packed with ingredients that help to stimulate hair growth: think ginkgo biloba, which improves blood flow and circulation in the scalp, red clover leaf to inhibit five-alpha reductase enzymes, a key component in hair loss, and saw palmetto, which blocks the production of DHT (a hormone responsible for male pattern hair loss).

Featured image: Caspar Camille Rubin, Unsplash