The 10 Best Hairdryers of 2022
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The 10 Best Hairdryers of 2022

Bring the pampering session home with these technological finds

As we’re well aware, no two heads of hair are the same. Whether you’re sporting natural curls, smooth locks or a textured afro, we all have one battle in common: drying our hair. Looking to forgo the frizz and get your style on? We outline the ten best hairdryers for 2022 below, with picks coming from the C&TH team and Salon64 stylist Ricky Walters.

The Country & Town House Responsible Buyers’ Guide

What To Look Out For

‘There is a lot to think about when purchasing a new dryer,’ says Ricky. ‘It’s something which you will hopefully use for years to come.’ There are multiple elements to consider when looking to upgrade your current hairdryer, so when it comes to investing make sure it fills out a criteria that suits your needs. Below, Ricky has shared some of the points you may want to consider before clicking ‘add to basket’.


‘How does the dryer, the handle, the length of the nozzle all feel in your hand? It’s a personal choice but should feel like an extension of your own hand.’


‘Is the dryer lightweight enough for you to handle? For those with thick hair or hair that takes a long time to dry could you hold the dryer above your head without getting arm ache?’


Does the dryer come with speed settings? As a rule, fine hair should be “slow cooked” using a slow speed and hot heat. Drying fine or thin hair too quickly can cause hair to become flat and static. Thicker hair that holds the water will require a “full steam ahead” approach: hot heat and a fast speed.’


‘What heat setting options are available? A cooling button is a great feature for setting hair in rollers or pin curls. Once all the rollers are in you can slowly cool them down using the cold setting to help your style last the longest.’

The 10 Best Hairdryers of 2022

  1. Best Overall: Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer, £329.99 |
  2. Best For Styling: Shark STYLE iQ Ionic Hair Dryer & Styler HD110UK, £229.99 |
  3. Best For Quick Drying: Cloud Nine The Airshot, £89 |
  4. Best For Sustainability: Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer, £329 | 
  5. Best For Power: ghd Helios™ Hair Dryer in Warm Pewter, £179 |
  6. Best For Under £50: Revlon Salon Performance Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer, £44.99 |
  7. Best Value For Money: BabyLiss Salon Pro 2200 Hair Dryer, £35 | 
  8. Best Compact Hairdryer: ParLux 3200 Compact Plus Hair Dryer, £79.95 |
  9. Best For Multiple Hair Types: Remington Curl & Straight Confidence Dryer, £51.99 |
  10. Best For The Family: Panasonic nanoe™ Hair Care Series Hair dryer EH-NA67, £129.99 |
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Dyson hairdryer with attachments


Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer, £329.99,

Best Overall

Highlights: Five styling attachments / Intelligent heat control / Cold shot setting

Perhaps the most hyped hairdryer brand out there right now, Dyson has been raved about since it began releasing in hair care products in 2016. This hairdryer is big on versatility, with three speed settings, four heat settings and five add-ons to choose from. These include a diffuser, styling concentrator, flyaway attachment, gentle air attachment and even a wide-tooth comb for coily and afro hair.

Ricky’s verdict: ‘An absolute game-changer in the industry. Although many have tried, there’s no hairdryer quite like the Dyson. With such an array of tools, add-ons and settings this truly is one of the leading dryers on the market for all hair types. It even comes with an anti-static function that really works. Super lightweight and smaller than other dryers, it’s ideal for those that have never found a hairdryer that works for them.’


STYLE iQ Ionic Hair Dryer & Styler HD110UK, £229.99,

Best For: Styling

Highlights: Two styling attachments / Intelligent heat control / iQ Technology

A close rival to the Dyson, Shark’s ionic hairdryer similarly boasts ‘intelligent’ technology that adjusts to the needs of its user. The brand’s signature iQ Technology generates high velocity heated ionised air, which dries hair quickly without causing heat damage. Styling attachments include a concentrator for focusing on specific sections, and a diffuser to disperse air evenly and help reduce frizz. It’s a fraction of the cost of a Dyson, but still promises smooth, shiny hair.

Cloud Nine

The Airshot, £89,

Best For: Quick Drying

Highlights: Variable temperature control / Ceramic mineral-infused heating element / Anti-static technology / Cool shot setting

Created with the goal of being kinder to your hair, Cloud Nine’s Airshot hairdryer has three different heat and power settings, as well as a ceramic heating element infused with tourmaline and sericite to help lock in moisture. The piece of tech also offers cool shot styling and anti-static (otherwise known as ionising) technology, which reduces the amount of negatively charged particles so that you don’t come out of your styling session looking like a frizz bomb. Lots of settings for lots of possibilities.


Halo Hair Dryer, £329,

Best For: Sustainability

Highlights: LightCare™ Technology / Fast drying at cooler temperatures / Sustainable

Another product hot on the heels of Dyson’s success, Zuvi’s Halo centres around one core component: LightCare. Inspired by natural evaporation, caused by sunlight and wind, the tech uses light energy to quickly dry water on the surface of your hair, leaving the inside hydrated and healthy. The model is also labelled as a more sustainable option, with claims that it uses 60 per cent less energy than other hairdryers.



Helios™ Hair Dryer in Warm Pewter, £179,

Best For: Power

Highlights: Aeroprecis™ Technology / Variable power and temperature control / Cool shot technology / Lightweigth

These are the hairdryers you’ll see in most salons. ghd has long been a firm favourite of professional stylists, with its long-lasting products able to deliver fabulous results for most hair types. The Helios promises 30 per cent more shine than naturally dried hair, which it achieves with a powerful airflow of 120kmph (aka car-worthy FAST), cool shot technology and multiple temperature settings. Advanced aerodynamics are combined with a brushless motor to ramp up the speed, and ionised airflow ensures that static won’t be making a comeback anytime soon.

Ricky’s verdict: ‘You can never go wrong with any trusted ghd product, especially their hairdryers. This hairdryer packs a punch, so it’s ideal for those in a rush or with hair that takes forever to dry. It’s also been designed to avoid inducing heat damage on hair. It’s a hairdryer trusted by hairdressers, which means it’s very hard wearing and will last a long time.’


Salon Performance Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer, £44.99,

Best For: Under £50

Highlights: IONIC Custom Conditioning Technology / Turbo Boost motor / Two styling attachments

Another household name, Revlon has been around for 90 years – meaning it should have some idea of what the people want, right? Its ionic hairdryer is part of the wider Pro Collection, which promises salon-ready results at more wallet-friendly prices. The model introduces more versatile controls to users, with a built-in generator offering custom settings that can either release more negative ions for smooth hair, or release less for boosted hair volume. The long-lasting Turbo Boost motor also promises to dry hair up to 31 per cent faster than previous Revlon driers.


Salon Pro 2200 Hair Dryer, £35,

Best For: Value for Money

Highlights: Ionic frizz control / Variable heat and speed settings / Tourmaline-ceramic technology

While the cheapest hairdryer on this list, BabyLiss’s  Salon Pro offers value (and versatility) for money. The model has three heat settings, two speed settings and a cold shot button to lock in styling. Like many of the other hairdryers here, it also boasts ionic technology to help reduce frizz as well as a diffuser attachment ideal for defining natural curls and textures. But just be warned, this one is a little noisy.

Compact hairdryer


3200 Compact Plus Hair Dryer, £79.95,

Best For: Compact Model

Highlights: Eco-frienfly motor / Two styling attachments / Variable heat and speed settings / Cool shot technology

Dubbed ‘the most widely used professional hairdryer on the market today’, ParLux’s 3200 Compact hairdryer is used by professionals and at-home stylists alike. Available in five colours, this model boasts an eco-friendly 1900 watt K-Lamination motor which creates an airflow of 71 cubic metres per hour – making it powerful and quieter. Two speed settings, three temperature settings and a cold shot button put it on par with many of the hairdryers on this list, but it’s the size and weight that truly set this hairdryer apart. An ideal pick for your suitcase.

Ricky’s verdict: ‘The workhorse of the hairdryer world. Being one of the oldest hairdryer brands, ParLux has had enough time to perfect its designs and will not let you down. Its newer hairdryers have three main speed and heat settings that are not too strong or overbearing, making them perfect for medium to fine hair. I am a huge fan of the ParLux compact range, which is super lightweight for those on the go.’



Curl & Straight Confidence Dryer, £51.99,

Best For: Multiple Hair Types

Highlights: Variable heat and speed settings / Three styling attachments / Ionic conditioning / Cool shot technology

Promising results for curly and straight hair, this dryer from Remington features a 2200W DC motor for powerful, fast drying (with speeds of up to 90km per hour). There’s also three heat settings and two speed settings to play with, as well as a cool shot function to help set your style. Opt for the slim tapered nozzle for a smooth finish, or the unique curling nozzle a bouncy, curly blowdry. Those wanting something a little less flashy can even reach for the diffuser, which brings out the best of natural waves and curls.


nanoe™ Hair Care Series Hair dryer EH-NA67, £129.99,

Best For: Family

Highlights: nanoe™ technology / Variable speed and temperature settings / Three styling attachments

Fancy having the whole family the talk of the town? Hailed as the ideal hairdryer for both parents and kids, Panasonic’s nanoe™ technology dryer has three styling attachments – a diffuser, concentrator nozzle and oscillating quick-dry nozzle. The latter attachment creates a gentler (but still fast-drying) airflow, and when pulled out uses a gently motion to avoid creating hotpots on the scalp, making it ideal for kids aged six and up. Other fancy functions include a choice of four temperature settings and three speed settings, as well as nanoe™ technology, which holds up to 1000 times more moisture than ions and can penetrate the shafts of your hair to leave them feeling hydrated and enriched.

Featured image: Tessa Wilson, Unsplash