Sustainable Stomping: 30 Shoe Brands & Collaborations To Know Now

By CTH Editors

12 months ago

Put your best foot forward with these eco-friendly labels

An ecological genre of style which is oft forgotten, eco-friendly footwear is just as important (if not more so) than the clothes we consider. After all, shoes are a necessity – unless you’re on a beach (lucky you). Read on to find out more about our favourite sustainable shoe brands.

According to The Shoe Industry, more than 20 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured each year, hence it’s more important than ever to think carefully about the products we are purchasing and wearing. Are they created with harmful chemicals? Will they biodegrade? Have they been produced ethically and ecologically? It’s important to ask these questions, and invest in the brands that provide right-minded answers. From Novesta to Penelope Chilvers, we bring you the most sustainable shoe brands to shop now.

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Sustainable Shoe Brands To Know Now

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