Destination Dupes: Beat The Crowds At These Cool Holiday Spots

By Olivia Emily

6 months ago

10 spots you might not have considered...

Destination dupes are spiralling to TikTok fame thanks to money savvy users sharing their top tips. Also known as travel dupes, this 2024 travel trend sees holidaymakers swerve the popular, over-touristed cities and destinations in favour of cheaper locations with a similar vibe. That said, these alternative locations are not only often cheaper, but the best way to save our hazardously over-touristed locations is to avoid them completely (or visit in the off-season, at least). Looking for off-the-beaten-path travel destinations for 2024 adventures? You’ll want to beat the crowds to these cool spots…

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10 Destination Dupes For 2024

Paros (left) is a dupe for Santorini (right)

Left, Paros; Right, Santorini

Paros – Dupe For Santorini

Want the beauty of Santorini without the crowds? Try quieter Paros, the hidden gem of the Aegean, with all of its secluded bays and delicious seafood. Check into Avant Mar to enjoy the famed Cycladic warmth amid contemporary opulence. It’s all about comfort and serenity here, so expect the interiors to mirror the gorgeousness outside, with traditional Parian design alongside palettes that echo the seascape.

Mozambique – Dupe For Thailand

If you’re after gorgeous beaches, Thailand will have definitely piqued your interest. But if you’re after quiet beaches, you won’t find them there. Instead, try Mozambique with its 1,500 miles of stunning coastline, with the Indian Ocean lapping onto the shore. There are archipelagos to explore equipped with pristine waters, but for a truly unparalleled location, check in to &Beyond Benguerra Island, perched on the second largest of the five islands in Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago. A national park, expect fine golden sands, unspoilt forests, wetlands and lakes, and an incredible abundance of wildlife, including rare dugongs.

Athens – Dupe For Lisbon

Lisbon’s perpetual warmth and sunshine makes the city popular for a weekend break year-round. To avoid high flight fees and to immerse yourself in the classical world, swap the Portuguese capital for the Greek capital, which is currently experiencing a cultural and culinary revival. Tucked away in the fabric of the ancient city is the vibrant district of Psyrri; here find Monument Hotel, one of the capital’s newest urban haunts with sweeping views of the Acropolis.

A sauna on the beach beside a hottub

Three Mile Beach

Gwithian – Dupe For Polzeath

Heart set on a staycation? Discover a quieter corner of Cornwall in Gwithian, renowned for its dunes and dramatic cliffs. Three Mile Beach is a collection of luxury beach houses offering an elevated self-catering experience with all the ease and amenities of a hotel.

Tarifa – Dupe For Ibiza

From its party reputation to regeneration as a wellness escape, Ibiza is littered with visitors from across the world year-round. For a quieter, more bohemian beach escape, try Tarifa, nestled on the very tip of southern Spain, just across the sea from Tangier. Here, the windswept beaches and vibrant kite-surfing culture offers a mellower coastal stay compared with the high-energy rhythms of Ibiza. Set amid the untamed El Estrecho Natural Reserve, stay in Marbella Club’s Villa Punta Paloma, a sophisticated private home available for exclusive use for up to ten guests.

Soneva Kiri Resort

Soneva Kiri

Koh Kood – Dupe For Phuket

Further afield, get all of the magic of Thailand without the crowds of Phuket at Koh Kood, renowned for its pristine, unspoiled beaches and lush topography. The island exudes a feeling of Thailand pre-tourism and tucked amongst the latticework of bamboo-fringed pathways sits Soneva Kiri, a collection of 33 villas in the midst of the jungle with surrounding waterfalls and emerald waters.

Alentejo – Dupe For The Douro Valley

Rural Portugal is famously gorgeous – but it’s not only the Douro Valley where this natural beauty shines. Alentejo is the nation’s most iconic agricultural territory, offering a more diverse and immersive travel experience than the scenic but singular focus (read: grapes) of the Douro Valley. Surrounded by ancient holm oaks, olive groves and vineyards, a stay in São Lourenço do Barrocal is a dreamy prospect, with that nature celebrated through farm-to-table gastronomy.

Umbria – Dupe For Tuscany

Speaking of countryside, Umbria entices with an understated elegance, punctuated with medieval hill tops and verdant undulating hills. Nearby Tuscany is a well-trodden path, but Italian charm and robustness still thrives in Umbria, aka the ‘green heart of Italy’. Rest your head at Reschio, an enchanting 3,700-acre estate, home to Hotel Castello di Reschio and a collection of exquisite private homes that have been meticulously restored.

Cala de Algaiarens, Menorca


Menorca – Dupe For Barcelona

For a Spanish sojourn with all the culture but less crowds, swap the urban allure of Catalonia’s capital Barcelona for the unspoiled island beauty of Menorca, with secluded coves and a slower pace to life. Immersive yourself in the countryside at Son Vell, a newly opened 18th century manor house turned hotel. Lush.

Sri Lanka – Dupe For A Kenyan Safari

Heart set on safari? Try this destination dupe for size: Sri Lanka is back to welcoming guests with open arms, and the safari experience offers an otherworldly insight into the incredible diversity of natural life, spanning wild elephants, sloth bears and illusive Sri Lankan leopards. Found on the edge of Yala National Park, check into Wild Coast Tented Lodge to experience a nature-lovers paradise.