You Can Stay In This Hidden Library In St Paul's Cathedral For Just £7
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You Can Stay In This Hidden Library In St Paul’s Cathedral For Just £7

World Book Day just got even better

Airbnb is no stranger to fun (and, at times, wacky) themed stays, having hosted homes belonging to the likes of the Sanderson Sisters, Barbie and even Shrek over the years. But for World Book Day 2024, the hosting platform is taking a slightly more sophisticated – and bookish – approach. This month, Airbnb is giving you the chance to book an overnight stay in a hidden library nestled in one of London‘s famed historic landmarks, St Paul’s Cathedral, for just £7. Here’s how to book it.

World Book Day 2024: Airbnb’s Hidden Library Escape In St Paul’s Cathedral

Green sofa in library

(c) Simone Morciano

A library escape in the heart of London? Sign us up. Airbnb has teamed up with #BookTok influencer Abby Parker to host a getaway in St Paul’s Cathedral, where guests will stay in a hidden library – making them the first people to sleep inside the Cathedral since the St Paul’s Watch protected the building during World War II.

‘The Hidden Library of St Paul’s Cathedral’s is truly a haven for book-lovers seeking the ultimate literary escape,’ says Amanda Cupples, General Manager of Northern Europe at Airbnb. ‘Whether you’re a bookworm, a history enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique experience in London, we are thrilled to open up the doors to the library of your dreams, and one of the most iconic buildings in the world, exclusively on Airbnb.’

‘The recently restored library at St Paul’s has long been a secret gem of the Cathedral – cleverly concealed by the ingenious architecture of Sir Christopher Wren,’ adds Sandra Lynes Timbrell, Director of Visitor Engagement at St Paul’s Cathedral. ‘Some very fortunate guests will now get the chance to delve deeper into the history and wonder of St Paul’s with this truly one of a kind stay.’

Green and wooden bed in library

And the ‘library of dreams’ it seems to be. Entering through the Dean’s door and climbing the Geometric staircase designed by Sir Christopher Wren over 300 years ago, guests will step into a charming library space filled with a curated collection of over 22,000 books. Titles range from timeless classics to Penguin Random House US’s upcoming releases from Holly Jackson, Kevin Kwan and John Grisham (before they hit the shelves), and are perfect for curling up in one of the space’s reading nooks for a few hours of literary escapism. But before that, guests will be warmly greeted by the Dean of St Paul’s and take part in a tour of the Cathedral.

Dinner is included in this Airbnb experience, and the organisers have lined up a dining experience at a nearby restaurant – after which they’ll be able to return to their room (and its many books) for the evening. After a hearty breakfast served up by St Paul’s, guests will then be able to round off their stay with a climb up the breathtaking dome of the Cathedral, which we hear is perfect for photo ops and taking in London’s lovely skyline. But that’s not all, before departing the Cathedral, guests will be gifted signed and stamped copies of the upcoming Penguin Random House US unreleased books – so they’ll have keepsakes from their trip.

‘This partnership with Airbnb is a true celebration of readers in the most magical of ways,’ comments Alyssa Castaneda, Director of Brand Strategy at Penguin Random House US. ‘From exploring the secret corners of the Cathedral and summiting the famous dome, to reading their way through Penguin Random House US’s upcoming releases, this once in a lifetime experience is the stuff of fairytales.’

St Pauls hidden library airbnb

St Pauls Airbnb (c) Simone Morciano

Hidden Library Etiquette

To immerse guests in the library feel of their stay, Airbnb and St Paul’s Cathedral have issued a list of quirky etiquette rules that should be abided by during the stay. These include all your usual library-issued rules, from avoiding loud chatter to no eating in the library, as well as a range of #BookTok tenets, including the allowance of phone usage for content creation and ‘#NoSpoilers’. You can see the full list of rules below:

  • Bookworms only
  • No munching or sipping in the library – so the precious books remain crumb-free
  • Always walk, never run
  • Speak to others quietly
  • Return books to their cosy home after reading
  • Phone usage is permitted when creating #BookTok content
  • Always read the book before watching the film
  • #NoSpoilers


Airbnb announced that you can book an exclusive stay at St Paul’s hidden library for one night only on Friday 15 March 2024, with bookings opening on 12 March at 10am GMT. The stay is suitable for two adults and will cost £7 for the night, with breakfast and dinner included.