Aspiga Launches Pre-Loved Online Store With The Cirkel

By Charlie Colville

1 year ago

You can now shop pre-loved Aspiga directly from the brand

Pre-loved fashion is on the rise, with predictions indicating the market will reach £64 billion in value globally by 2025. It comes as no surprise, then, that more eco-minded brands on getting on board to make the shopping experience easier for their customer communities. The latest to join the throng is Aspiga, which recently launched its first pre-loved online store with second-hand fashion platform The Cirkel. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Aspiga Launches Pre-Loved Online Store With The Cirkel

B Corp British fashion brand Aspiga is dipping its toes into the circular fashion market with the launch of its first pre-loved online store in collaboration with The Cirkel, a second-hand fashion marketplace founded by Eliza Batten.

Lucy Macnamara and Eliza Batten

Eliza Batten and Lucy Macnamara

Speaking on the collaboration, Aspiga founder Lucy Macnamara commented: ‘As a sustainable brand, I have been looking to launch a pre-loved offering to our customers for some time. When I recently discovered the multi-cycle resale platform Cirkel it seemed the perfect synergy. Circular fashion is all about increasing the lifespan of clothing, and because so many of our pieces are timeless, I’m delighted to enable customers to buy and sell second-hand.’

How Does It Work?


Those looking to shop pre-loved Aspiga will be able to browse through clothing via The Cirkel. Items are dispatched through next day delivery and are professionally cleaned using an eco-friendly ozone chamber.


The platform also allows you to sell on your own items (Aspiga or otherwise), making sure the clothes you no longer wear avoid going to landfill. The Cirkel does pretty much all of the work for you, helping you list, clean and dispatch your items in a hassle-free service. There’s also no listing or transaction fees.


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Repair & Rewear

The B Corp brand, as part of its ongoing commitment to reduce its environmental impact, has also launched a new Repair and Rewear initiative. Allowing Aspiga customers to extend the lifetime of their clothing through an online repair service, the initiative aims to reduce the brand’s overall carbon, water and waste footprint. The service will be free for any items bought less than six months ago, while other repairs range from £5 to £40.

To try the service, you simply need to fill out a form online and submit your clothing for repair.

When Will The Aspiga x The Cirkel Pre-Loved Store Go Live?

You can browse (and sell) pre-loved Aspiga on The Cirkel now, via

Images courtesy of Aspiga