The Bob Is Getting A Maximalist Makeover This Summer

By Charlie Colville

2 weeks ago

Think bob, but bigger

As we’ve come to find out in recent months, bobs come in all shapes, sizes and, surprisingly, lengths. Stylists continue to breathe fresh life into the beloved hairstyle through a range of cutting and styling methods – and the latest rendition on our radar is all about making everything bigger and bolder. Meet the macro bob, the short hairstyle perfect for those big on dramatic volume.

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What Is A Macro Bob?

‘A macro bob is a slightly longer bob, with soft layering often created with a razor,’ explains Stéphane Ferreira, Operations Manager and Senior Stylist at Live True London. ‘While this bob is longer than most bobs, the key difference lies in the styling. The defining feature is volume and movement – it’s ultra bouncy, and often has a side parting to accentuate this – so if you have finer hair be prepared invest in styling products.’

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Bobs are more popular than ever, with a new take on the cut seemingly popping up every week or so – and while we’re not unfamiliar with a longer bob, we how stylists are breathing fresh life into the trend through styling. ‘The bob’s popularity is not slowing down, with a new iteration coming in every season,’ confirms Stéphane. ‘And with throwback styles making a return to fashion and beauty, it only makes sense that the macro bob with its voluminous side part would come around.’

This take on the bob has become a popular one across the internet, as well as the celebrity circuit. A quick look on TikTok shows 110.9 million posts tagged under #longbobhaircut, while Instagram is awash with celebrities showing off their macro bobs in all their big, bouncy glory (we’re looking at you, Zendaya).

Who Suits This Cut?

While this is a cut that can definitely be adjusted from person to person, Stéphane does recommend keeping in mind how the cut will work for different hair types. ‘We recommend this look for people with some more natural volume or with naturally thicker hair, if less styling is desired,’ she says. ‘But since the bob length and layering can be adjusted, you can achieve a style that works for every face shape.’

How To Ask For A Macro Bob In The Salon (& What To Expect)

‘Ask your stylist for a longer bob with some soft layering,’ recommends Stéphane. ‘But make sure to bring reference images and discuss the length and texture beforehand. You should also highlight that you want the layering to be more seamless and longer, not choppy and short.’

So, what next? ‘Depending on the desired style, your stylist may use either scissors or a razor to create the subtle shaping,’ explains Stéphane. ‘They’ll then finish your hair by styling with volumising products and creating big waves.’

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How To Style A Macro Bob

You should always have volume at the forefront of your mind when it comes to styling a macro bob. ‘There are a few different ways you can style this bob, but the key is volume,’ emphasises Stéphane. ‘Use volumising products before blow drying, and, when drying, make sure to blast some heat at the roots of your hair to give them some lift.

‘You can then either blow dry with a round brush, curving each section of hair inwards to create a flip – a more sleek but bouncy look,’ she continues. ‘Or dry as normal and use a curling iron to create a more textured look.’

What Next?

As for the future of the macro bob, we expect a much more toned down look that works for easy, everyday wear. ‘We see this look being pared back to a more casual style, with less emphasis on volume and more on natural texture,’ agrees Stéphane.

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