Nail Math: Here’s Exactly When To Get A Manicure So It Lasts The Festive Season

By Martha Davies

7 months ago

Nailed it

We’ve had girl dinner (showcasing just how many snacks can pass as a meal if you really want them to) and girl math (declaring that if you paid in cash, it’s free – and other such slightly delusional beliefs) but what next? The answer, festive party revellers will be pleased to know, is nail math, the TikTok trend that determines exactly when you should get your nails done so they remain in pristine condition for both Christmas and the New Year. We reveal all below…

Nail Math: Exactly When To Get A Manicure So It Lasts The Festive Season

It’s a conundrum that pops up every year: when to get your all-important set of Christmas nails? Too early and they won’t be in tip-top shape for the big day, but too late and you’re cutting it fine. If you’re flummoxed, you can simply employ nail math, the latest TikTok trend that sees users crunch the numbers and find the perfect date to book your end-of-year manicure.

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What Is Nail Math?

As mentioned, nail math is a TikTok trend that helps you calculate when to get your nails done prior to an important social event. Working back from your chosen date, it advises the specific a date to get your nails done (usually around two to three weeks ahead of the event itself).

When To Book Your Manicure

So what’s the verdict? Word on the street is that 14 December is the best date to schedule your manicure – so get your booking in sharpish. According to salon booking system Fresha, getting your Christmas nails done on this date will ensure your preferred style stays fresh all the way through to the New Year, as gel and acrylic nails usually last for three weeks and Biab nails can last for four weeks. If you book in on 14 December, you won’t need to head back to the salon until 4 January, when all the salons are open again after the holidays.

Where To Go

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What To Ask For

Red nails with 'love' design in white

Once you’ve made your appointment, all that’s left is to choose your design – and while nail math tells you when to get a manicure, there are plenty of TikTok trends helping you decide what to get. The red velvet look is a great choice for some festive hues, but why not try out chrome nails or even a lava lamp design? The options are endless.