Is Sad Girl Hair 2024's Moodiest Trend Yet?
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Is Sad Girl Hair 2024’s Moodiest Trend Yet?

Meet the hush cut, the hairstyle popular with sad girls all over the world

Whether it’s romanticising the mundane, re-watching romcoms or piling bows on bows, this year is all about embracing your inner girlie – as well as her various mood swings. While we’ve welcomed her happiness in the form of ribbons, strawberry makeup and all things pink, 2024 is where we’ll see her angst take centre stage; cue, sad girl hair (aka, the hush cut).

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What Is Sad Girl Hair, aka The Hush Cut?

‘Sad girl hair, otherwise known as the hush cut, is a versatile, layered haircut that adds texture and movement to the hair,’ explains Jason Crozier, Art Director at Neville Hair and Beauty. ‘It can include elements like curtain bangs, feathered layers, and subtle undercuts to create a soft, introspective look that’s both modern and reminiscent of classic styles.’

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Like its counterpart, sad boy hair (just look at Timothée Chalamet if you need a reference pic), sad girl hair takes its cues from the 90s and 00s indie revival – which favours more expressive and personal styles – as well as the general movement of ‘girlifying’ (did somebody say Girl Dinner?) grown-up trends for the sake of nostalgia and youthful rebranding. ‘​Its popularity can be attributed to its versatility and the way it frames the face, creating a look that’s both nostalgic and fresh,’ says Jason. ‘The rise of self-expression and individuality in fashion, as well as the influence of celebrities and social media, have also played significant roles – just look at the likes Florence Pugh and Billie Eilish, who have both been seen with variations of sad girl hair.’

Jason also tells us that the hairstyle is comprised of two key features: layers and bangs. Although, he also mentions that these components are largely up to personal preference when it comes to softness and shape. ‘This style is characterised by its long layers and customisable curtain-style bangs, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to update their hairstyle with a modern, low-maintenance cut,’ he says. ‘Whether you’re drawn to a more dramatic transformation with razor ends and asymmetry or prefer a softer, more natural look with subtle highlights and natural waves, the hush cut offers a breadth of options to explore. The incorporation of bangs, whether see-through, airy, or curtain-style, adds a pop of personality and frames the face beautifully.’

@myguiltycrown Hush Cut for sad girls tutorial – step by step haircut for fine thin hair. Do it yourself or don’t #haircut #hairtutorial ♬ Follow Her – Zeeky Beats

Who Suits This Cut?

As Jason mentioned, the beauty of sad girl hair is its adaptability to different hair textures, hair lengths and face shapes. ‘The hush cut is flattering for a wide range of hair textures and face shapes,’ he confirms. ‘Its layers can be customised to enhance natural hair texture, whether straight, wavy or curly, and the style can be adjusted to complement different face shapes. For example, short feathered cuts on dark hair offer a chic twist with added dimension and depth, while a long and wispy style with baby bangs provides a cute look ideal for oval face shapes.’

It’s this emphasis on natural hair, however, that makes the hush cut so appealing to its massive audience; it’s achievable and incredibly low maintenance, meaning you can let it grow out and still expect a good shape. ‘Sad girl hair’s adaptability is further demonstrated by its appeal across various hair textures, including natural hair,’ Jason adds. ‘For those with natural curls or waves, opting for a sleek hush cut can significantly reduce maintenance while still showcasing the hair’s natural beauty. Moreover, the addition of elements like blunt or wispy bangs, chunky highlights or balayage techniques allows for personalisation of the cut, ensuring that it complements individual styles and preferences.’ thank youu @ssooniestyle for the best cut of my life 💇🏻‍♀️ #hushcut #shorthairstyles #newhair #fypシ #asianhairstyle ♬ original sound – ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

How To Ask For Sad Girl Hair At The Salon

‘Similar to the sad boy cut, bring photos to show the type of layers, bangs, and overall length you’re interested in,’ advises Jason. ‘Discuss how to adapt the style to suit your hair texture and face shape with your stylist.’ Remember, your stylist might not know what you’re after just from the name ‘sad girl hair’, so it’s important you attend your appointment with plenty of references to demonstrate the specific style you’d like to recreate.

How To Style Sad Girl Hair

Once you’ve braved the chop, it’s time to tailor your hush cut to your daily routine. As mentioned, this is a fairly low maintenance hairstyle, so Jason recommends styling it in a way that shows off the natural texture of your hair. ‘​Embrace natural texture with minimal styling products, aiming for a soft and natural look,’ he suggests. ‘For added volume, you can blow-dry your hair upside down or use a diffuser if you have curly hair. Curtain bangs can be styled with a round brush for a soft sweep to the sides.’

If you want a cleaner look, Jason also suggests visiting your hairdresser regularly where possible. ‘Regular trims are essential to keep the layers defined,’ he reiterates. ‘Between visits, make sure to use moisturising hair products to maintain hair health and protect your ends, especially if you have longer layers or colour-treated hair.’

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