Serenity In The City: 1 Hotel Central Park – Review

By Martha Davies

6 months ago

Only got a New York minute? Spend it here

Hunting for a serene (and sustainable) hotel in the heart of NYC? 1 Hotel Central Park is the place to be, says Martha Davies.

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1 Hotel Central Park – Review

Ivy-clad hotel exterior in NYC

Even amid the tangles of tourists and yellow taxis crowding Sixth Avenue, 1 Hotel Central Park is difficult to miss. Bedecked with an impressive 36,000 ivy plants, the sprawling building stands lush and verdant between the slate grey skyscrapers and shops, its leafy exterior the physical representation of the 1 Hotels mission: to champion eco-luxury. Since the brand’s conception in 2015, it has opened planet-conscious hospitality hotspots everywhere from Melbourne to Mayfair – and Brooklyn Bridge, too. At 1 Central Park, you can expect calming, contemporary interiors, nourishing food, and wellness services that help you soak up everything NYC has to offer without ever feeling weighed down.

Although 1 Central Park occupies a prime Manhattan location, it’s nature-driven at heart. After stepping over the threshold, you’ll be greeted with a sign fashioned from repurposed natural materials which reads, ‘nothing is ever truly lost’ – and, indeed, the lobby is clad in antique wood and reclaimed oak, while many of the headboards in the guest rooms are made of wood from disused water tanks. You can rest assured that your water is filtered, your glassware is recycled and your food is locally sourced; even the hangers in your wardrobe are made of recycled paper, and the stationery on your desk is crafted from seed paper (which can be planted to grow flowers). The frankly incredible eco-credentials of every 1 Hotel ensure that, while sustainability is front and centre, it’s really all going on behind the scenes – allowing you to enjoy a delightfully relaxing stay with the planet in mind. Now that’s eco-luxury.

Hotel room with blue accents and a view of Central Park

Health and relaxation is a real cornerstone of the 1 Hotels offering, and there’s a lot to explore at  1 Central Park. If the New York buzz gets under your skin, you can channel it into a workout at the Field House Gym, which offers state-of-the-art equipment, personal training sessions and group classes. When you’re ready to unwind, though, you can take your pick of products from wellness tech brand HigherDOSE: an infrared sauna blanket will increase blood circulation, reduce stress and leave your skin glowing, while an infrared PEMF mat will provide a totally refreshing full-body reset. Both can be delivered straight to your room for an ultra-efficient wellness boost. 

This wellness focus also extends to the food at 1 Central Park; its in-house restaurant is centred on nutritious, Cali-inspired dishes created by pioneering Californian chef Jonathan Waxman. Menus are seasonal, but you can expect brunch staples like hueveos rancheros and avocado toast, with dinner highlights including ahi tuna, orzo risotto and a mozzarella-topped falafel burger. Of course, in-room dining is always an option if you’d rather not tear yourself away from the tranquillity of your room – but if you fancy a quick, healthy snack, you can always check out the market stand in the hotel lobby, which stocks surplus fruit from local grocers.

From the foliage to the fruit stand, 1 Hotel Central Park feels a lot like a friendly neighbourhood hangout. With picture-perfect cityscapes right outside your window, you can really revel in the New York atmosphere, but you can also take the opportunity to totally recharge. If you’re looking for a bit of Manhattan glamour, though, there’s that too: just take a look at the hotel’s recently-renovated Park Penthouse. Encompassing three huge suites, two guest rooms and a 1,200 square-foot outdoor terrace – envied by any New Yorker – it really is dazzling, and guests booking the full Park Penthouse Experience can enjoy a host of perks like personalised check-in and check-out services and private transport to and from tri-state airports (in the hotel’s house car: a fully electric Audi E-tron, of course). 


You’ve got Central Park on your doorstep and New York landmarks on every corner, but this spot is so serene that you might never want to leave. Think laidback luxury with eco-friendly flair.


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