How to Pamper at Home: Products to Treat Yourself To

By Rebecca Cox

3 years ago

Self-care in the time of coronavirus

At a time when we’re all having to stay indoors, how can you feel good about yourself? Your self-care regime is more important than ever, and when it comes to me-time, how about replacing your spa day with an at-home pamper day? From luxury products to treat yourself to, to tips to unwind in the evenings, read our guide to pampering at home.

Pamper Guide: Luxury At-Home Spa Products


Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Self-Care Tips

Finding it hard to unwind in the evening? After days of scrolling the news and struggling to focus on an upheaval in our daily routines, the evening routine is probably out the window and you might be finding it difficult to wind down and get ready for bed. Whether you’re working extra hours to fit around new childcare set-ups or trying to reset an upside-down house before doing it all again, try to carve out a little time every evening to pamper yourself before bedtime.

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How to wind down with a beauty ritual before bed

  1. Try facial massage
    If you’re a fan of Face Gym or used to getting a regular massage-based facial, try working some facial massage into your evening routine to release tension from your facial muscles and leave you feeling more relaxed before bed.
  2. Have a bath
    It might seem like something of a trope in self-care conversations but having a relaxing bubble bath before bed really does help you to unwind. Add magnesium bath salts for a sleep-boosting skin supplement and add a couple of drops of a relaxing essential oil to get you ready for bedtime.
  3. Treatment cleanse
    Since you might be going the entire day without leaving the house, you might not have worn any makeup or feel like it’s necessary to cleanse your skin. On the contrary, daily dirt and dust will have still built up through the day, and a thorough cleanse will make your skin feel fresher and brighter, and give you more mental clarity before bedtime, too.

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