Pinterest Predicts 2023 is Here: Take a Look at Next Year's Trends
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Pinterest Predicts 2023 is Here: Take a Look at Next Year’s Trends

The forecast is in – let's find out what's in store for 2023

Looking for a recap of the biggest trends of the last year? These were the trends to get on board with, according to Pinterest Predicts 2023.

Pinterest Predicts 2023 is Here

What is Pinterest Predicts?

Pinterest Predicts is the platform’s annual trend report, which it collates using global Pinterest search data from over 400 million users. These are the dominant search trends from the last year which are then used to suggest what will be popular IRL next year.

These trends put a playful spin on the hot and thriving, with exciting mood boards and witty titles to keep you on your toes (So. Many. Puns.).

What was popular in 2022?

In 2022 we saw more trends than ever before. This was the first real ‘freedom year’ after a prolonged period of pandemics, lockdown restrictions and limited social time, meaning we were eager to see something entirely new. We witnessed the rise of various aesthetic ‘cores’ (fun fact: ‘goblin mode’, a self-indulgent, hot mess attitude and aesthetic, was even made 2022 word of the year by Oxford University Press), the birth of hundreds of plant parents and a greater emphasis on balance when it comes to work and our personal lives.

Some of our favourite trends from this last year include Pearlcore, a genderless desire for all things pearlescent, Biophilic Design, bringing the outdoors inside, Mindful Menstruation, ditching plastic for eco-friendly sanitary products, and (because we are British) Cuppa Time, a greater appreciation for all things tea, teaware and afternoon tea.

What are the trends for Pinterest Predicts 2023?

There are 27 trends in total forecasted for 2023 – eight less than last year’s 35 – spanning a huge range of topics ready to take the internet (and IRL, of course) by storm. From beauty, fashion and wellbeing to entertainment, food and interiors, there’s plenty to explore this year. Here’s all the trends we expect to see in 2023, in no particular order:

  1. Airy Styles
  2. Rust Married
  3. Gemini Hair
  4. Micro Makeover
  5. Pool Pawties
  6. Chance of Showers
  7. Sci-Fi Fits
  8. Rainscapes
  9. Hipstoric Home
  10. Primal Movement
  11. The YOLO Years
  12. Wildflours
  13. The Fourth Trimester
  14. Date Different
  15. Romcom Core
  16. Mush-Rooms
  17. Fringe with Benefits
  18. Crown Care
  19. Beyond Blue & Pink
  20. Now Processing
  21. Free Spirits
  22. All Aboard
  23. Money Moves
  24. Good on Paper
  25. All the Raves
  26. Home Front
  27. Vitamin Seaweed

You can find out about all of the individual trends in depth here, but we’ve rounded up some of our favourites below.

12 Pinterest Predicts Trends We’re Excited to See in 2023

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Collagw of building with greenery and water droplets

1. Rainscapes

Category: HOME

Following on from 2022’s biophilia movement, many of us are set take a greater interest in sustainable design. There will be a greater shift towards design that minimises our ecological footprint, while maintaining a luxe home aesthetic (‘they don’t have to be mutually exclusive,’ says Pinterest).

Pinterest indicates that Boomers and Gen X in particular will care more about water conservation, and look to embrace more natural solutions such as harvesting rainwater and nurturing drought-tolerant landscapes.

Pinterest search stats:

Rain water harvesting architecture +155%

Drought tolerant landscape design +385%

Rain barrels ideas beautiful +100%

Rain chain drainage +35%

Rock drainage landscaping +70%

Collage of person with two-tone hair

2. Gemini Hair

Category: BEAUTY

‘Geminis don’t have to choose – your hair shouldn’t have to either,’ says Pinterest in its coverage of Gemini Hair. The trend, which highlights the growing popularity of two-tone hairstyles, is set to be one of the biggest beauty trends of 2023.

Led by Gen Z and Millennials, Gemini Hair will see us blend natural and bright hues, as people look for different ways to express themselves and stand out (even when wearing a mask).

Pinterest search stats:

Blue and black braids +215%

Lavender and blonde hair +150%

Pink and lavender hair +345%

Brown to pink balayage +280%

Multi tone hair colour +135%

Collage with woman at the front

3. Romcom Core

Category: FASHION

2023 will be THE YEAR for noughties nostalgia, with some of the biggest pop culture moments coming to life on the big and small screen (Barbie, Bridget Jones, The Princess Diaries, to name a few). It’s no wonder, then, that we’re curating our wardrobes to match.

Once again, Millennials (‘this might be a nostalgic trend’) and Gen Z (‘who says that just because you didn’t live through it, you can’t live into it?’) will be taking the lead on this one, as they bring to the fore fashion inspired by our favourite romantic comedies from the 2000s.

Pinterest search stats:

2000s girl +235%

Cool girl aesthetic outfits +140%

Pink mini skirt outfit +145%

Rhinestone dress +90%

Summer outfits vintage 90s +150%

Collage with green smoothie

4. Vitamin Seaweed


One for the health-conscious foodies among us: sea-derived superfoods. Praised for their health benefits – and a staple in many Asian cultures – ocean-based foods and minerals will be high up on the menu in 2023.

From green algae and nori to seaweed snacks and salmon bowls, this is a trend we’re ready to eat right up (especially if you’re a Millennial or Gen X).

Pinterest search stats:

Benefits of chlorophyll water +35%

Green algae +60%

Seaweed snacks recipe +245%

Nori recipes +60%

Salmon bowl +245%

Collage with man folding paper

5. Good on Paper


Keen to get your screen time down? Analogue hobbies are set to make a comeback in 2023, as we take to steps to digitally detox, switch off and unwind. Think origami, quilling and paper art ‘to satisfy [any] crafty cravings.’

Two very different generations, Boomers and Gen Z, are forecasted to lead this trend – could this be the start of a wholesome inter-generational friendship?

Pinterest search stats:

How to make paper rings +1752%

Origami instructions +175%

Paper mache furniture +60%

Quilling art +60%

Paper animal +385%

Collage with mushroom shaped objects

6. Mush-Rooms

Category: HOME

Calling all gremlins and fantasy fiends: this is the trend for you. We’re doing away with boring home design and instead opting for all things fantastically bizarre – think mushroom decor, fantasy art and weirdcore (a surrealist aesthetic big on being, well, weird) design.

Those keen to express themselves more creatively at home include Gen Z and Boomers, as they transform their bedrooms into creative havens and lean towards maximalist visuals.

Pinterest search stats:

Fantasy mushroom art +170%

Vintage mushroom decor +35%

Funky house decor +695%

Weirdcore bedroom +540%

Freaky wallpaper +65%

Collage of man with train and tracks

7. All Aboard

Category: TRAVEL

‘More sustainable travel is arriving at a platform near you,’ says Pinterest. If you’re a fan of TikTok’s Francis Bourgeois, this won’t be new news for you – but train travel is set to make a BIG comeback in 2023, with many of us looking for ways to travel with the smallest impact possible.

Many countries are expanding their rail networks, introducing sleeper cars and cutting the cost of train travel in a bid to bring more people on board. Those looking for ‘train bragging‘ (this is indeed a real term) rights include Millennials and Gen Z.

Pinterest search stats:

Interrailing europe aesthetic +105%

Train trip aesthetic +205%

Train travel aesthetic +40%

Train quotes travel +285%

Indian railway station photography +175%

Collage of people stretching

8. Primal Movement


For many of us, remote working is now the norm – as is that crick in your shoulder from sitting hunched over your laptop. In 2023, we’ll be looking for new, non-digital ways to combat ‘tech neck’ and go back to basics.

Gen X and Millennials will be the first to hop on the anti-tech workout trend, as they ‘trade their screens for stretches and their desks for hip dips’. Bye bye 30-minute YouTube workouts.

Pinterest search stats:

Primal movement +120%

Mobility stretches +140%

Neck hump exercises +210%

Knee mobility exercises +135%

Hip mobility exercises +100%

Colourful collage of parents with kids

9. Beyond Blue & Pink


Gender norms aren’t the same as they were 10 years ago – the binary is no longer so pronounced, and today’s parents are keen to give the next generation a more inclusive and accepting environment to grow up in.

According to Pinterest, ‘searches among Gen Z and Millennials show a desire to break down the binary as they bring up the next generation’, as parents look for new ways to discuss gender diversity, self-expression and pronouns with their kids.

Pinterest search stats:

Personal pronouns flashcards +80%

My self activities for kids +35%

Self identity art +75%

Gender flags +285%

Unisex name +90%

Orange collage of person with wedding cake

10. Rust Married


‘So long, something blue,’ says Pinterest, as it waves goodbye to tradition in favour of the new coveted colour on the block: orange. Colour palettes featuring terracotta, copper and burnt sienna are set to be a hit for weddings in 2023, from floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses to guest outfits.

Orange is commonly associated with optimism, making it a great colour to have at symbolic events like weddings –  and Gen X and Millennials with upcoming nuptials will surely have no objections to this happy union.

Pinterest search stats:

Burnt orange wedding theme +695%

Terracotta wedding bridesmaid dresses +230%

Orange wedding centrepieces +150%

Copper saree +285%

Orange dress outfit wedding +285%

Collage with numbers and money

11. Money Moves


While the cost of living crisis is hitting a lot of us pretty hard this year, Pinterest offers a more optimistic take on our relationship with money in 2023. We’re going to be more acutely aware of the way we manage our finances, but many of us are finding ways to make this rather stuffy topic feel more rewarding

‘This year, Gen X and Millenials will seek out new ways to gamify their finances, searching for budget challenges and savings games,’ highlights Pinterest. We’ll be looking for more accessible and entertaining ways to kick-start our savings, without falling victim to burnout.

Pinterest search stats:

1000 savings challenge +185%

Bi-weekly savings challenge +355%

Budget challenge +135%

Envelope challenge savings +155%

100 envelope challenge +145%

Collage of people getting ready for a rave

12. All the Raves


Two years of lockdown was rough, with many of us missing out and feeling robbed of a fun nightlife. Now that we’re (somewhat) free, we’re ready to embrace an era of new-age rave culture and its signature aesthetic. Think techno style, house music and inclusive, freeing spaces.

As Pinterest notes, ‘Gen Z and Millennials recover from over two years in lockdown, they’ll take over nightclubs, warehouses and house parties all over the globe.’ This is the let loose movement that’s been brewing since 2020.

Pinterest search stats:

House music outfits +185%

Berlin rave fashion +250%

Rave party aesthetic +35%

Techno style +60%

Music mixer +115%


Images courtesy of Pinterest