Delivery: Articles & Guides
The delivery world was already on the up before Covid hit, but lockdown certainly accelerated things. Restaurants swiftly reshaped their models – many embracing delivery for the first time ever, others creating DIY recipe kits so you could recreate their creations at home. And although lockdown is (thankfully) behind us now, the delivery world continues to grow. Whether you’re after cocktail kits, fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee or afternoon tea, we have guides on all the best food and drink deliveries. It is, of course, important to be aware of the environmental impact of all this – we offer some top tips on how to reduce the impact of your home deliveries here. Plus, have you heard of Bother? One of the newer delivery services on the market, it’s all about delivering things to us when we need them, using AI to suss out our unique shopping habits – we sat down with its founder, Douglas Morton, to find out more. Sprucing up your home? Don’t miss our guide to the plant delivery services that will jazz up your WFH office.