Cowboy Boots Are Making A Big Comeback For 2024 – Here’s Why You Should Get Yours Secondhand

By Charlie Colville

1 month ago

You'd best saddle up for this one

Is country cool again? The short answer: yes. The long answer: if you’re hot on the fashion scene, it never wasn’t. Country style is experiencing its very own renaissance thanks to Beyoncé and her smash hit country album, Cowboy Carter, with everything from big bouncy curls and cowboy hats to double denim and leather chaps taking over both the high street and the runway. But the hot commodity everyone wants to get their hands on this season is cowboy boots – and we know just where to scoop up a stylish pair secondhand.

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Why Is Cowboycore Trending?

Cowboy boots have never strayed too far away from the list of trendiest footwear styles over the last few years, but this year they’re really set to take over. This is partly in thanks to the cowboycore movement, which has unfurled itself across music (the aforementioned Cowboy Carter even broke the record for most streamed album in a day on Spotify shortly after its release), interiors (we hear Western Gothic is the hybrid aesthetic du jour) and now fashion.

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SS24 Copenhagen Fashion Week Streetstyle (c) Noor-U-Nisa

We can’t exactly pin the new craze on one separate source – although Beyoncé is a very strong contender – as country has long been a popular cultural movement. But the impact cannot be ignored. In fashion, we’ve seen numerous designers (including the likes Louise Vuitton, Molly Goddard and Stella McCartney) take on the trend with their 2024 collections, with everything from subtle nods in the form of double denim to full-blown homages made with cowboy hats and Western-style hats and shirts. But the style staple to remain consistent through it all is, of course, the humble cowboy boot.

What Are Cowboy Boots?

As the name suggests, cowboy boots are a style of riding boot made popular by horse riders and, of course, cowboys. The style we’re more familiar with today originates from the American West, which drew inspiration from the Spanish vaquero-styling riding boot, and became a symbol of the cowboy lifestyle.

In terms of the style itself, they usually feature a tall shaft, angled heel (for resting your feet in stirrups while riding) and a rounded or pointed toe – although the pointed toe is probably more popular today. Many stylish iterations of the cowboy boot also incorporate an ornate embroidered designs, with pops of contrasting colours in the stitching or panels.

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AW24 Copenhagen Fashion Week Streetstyle (c) Noor-U-Nisa

Why Shop Secondhand

Contrary to the popular belief that ‘new is better’, cowboy boots are often better bought secondhand. Below, we outline some of the benefits that come with pre-loved shopping:


Not only will you be doing the planet a solid by keeping these used items out of landfill, you can also often save a bit of money while doing it – the prices on resale platforms like eBay and Vinted mean that you can often nab popular styles at a fraction of their usual retail cost.


Cowboy boots are renowned for being tricky to break in, with the leather and soles taking a long time to mould properly to the wearer’s feet. Buying your boots secondhand typically means that someone has already done all of the hard work for you and already worn them in – so no blisters for you.


Since cowboycore is now its own trend (thank you, Beyoncé), you’ll probably notice more and more people taking to the streets in Western-style boots. The best way to stand out from the crowd? Shop vintage. Anyone can grab the same pair of boots from a popular high street retailer, but for more unique styles that aren’t in rapid circulation you’ll want to dig through vintage stores and charity shops.

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Featured image: SS24 Copenhagen Fashion Week Streetstyle (c) Noor-U-Nisa