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How to Give Back This Spring: 10 Charity Ideas

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There’s a lot in this world we cannot control. The average joe may not be able to build homeless shelters to house every vulnerable person, create rehabilitation centres so those in need can get the help they deserve, or keep everyone warm, safe, and happy this spring. One can control, however, oneself, and there are small acts everyone can do to help those in need this spring. Whether it’s donating your time or your money, here are some ideas that will, we hope, inspire you to give back this spring, and make a positive difference to your life and someone else’s who needs and deserves it most. 

How to Give Back This Spring: Charity Ideas

How to Give Back This Spring: Charity Ideas

Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week takes place 20-26 May. It’s the perfect time to learn about dementia and lend a hand to the cause. Did you know that 28% of people living with dementia have stopped leaving the house? A lonely and introspective disease such as this means that other people understanding it makes all the difference. Get involved with one of the Dementia Action Week events and lessen the stigma around Dementia. Find out more at

Independant Age

Although there is an undeniable generational divide when it comes to political and environmental decisions made in the past, many older people are lonely in their old age. This could be your grandma, your father… no one deserves to be completely alone at a time in their lives where support is needed most. Become a local ambassador with Independant Age and help raise awareness, or be a Campaign Correspondant who liases with MPs to help make the lives of older people as enjoyable as possible. Find all the opportunities at

How to Give Back This Spring: 10 Charity Ideas

British Heart Foundation

Whether you lend a helpful hand in one of their shops or volunteer at one of their events, the British Heart Foundation needs help from generous people like you. Discover the full range of volunteering opportunities at

Pride in London

Care about equality and diversity? Join the incredible volunteers who solely run Pride in London, the ultimate celebration to raise awareness of LGBTQIA rights and issues. If you believe every human should live and be treated equally, sign up to be a steward for Pride events or the parade itself, or be a year-round volunteer to help Pride in London be the world-class event that it is. Discover more at

How to Give Back This Spring: 10 Charity Ideas

Conservation Volunteer

Help conserve the City of London’s wildlife and greenery by becoming a Conservation Volunteer. There are 6 groups who meet weekly and help the park rangers with practical management of the local habitat and wildlife. Find out more at

Home Reading Volunteer

Help young children improve their educational potential by becoming a home reading volunteer. Simply turn up once a week with a bag of books and your best character voices and help these children escape into the wonderful worlds created in books. Volunteers needed in council estates across Hammersmith and Fulham. Register your interest at

How to Give Back This Spring: 10 Charity Ideas

Individual Befriending of Holocaust Survivors

Visit Holocaust refugees and survivors in their homes. By lending a listening ear and an open heart, you’ll help them feel less isolated and alone. Many are in situations where their families haven’t survived and are very lonely and a visit from a volunteer can absolutely lift their spirits and just help them feel more integrated into the world today. It’s the very least they deserve. Register your interest at

Trussell Trust

If you want to help end poverty and make sure everyone has a warm meal, volunteer with the Trussell Trust. Help out in one of their food banks, sort and weigh behind the scenes in their warehouse, or provide admin support in their Salisbury office. Learn more at

How to Give Back This Spring: 10 Charity Ideas

The Feminist Library

Give back and pay homage to all the feminist icons who’ve come and gone before you by volunteering at The Feminist Library in SE1. Volunteers are needed to contribute to their newsletters, help out on the floor, connect and contact other feminist organisations, organise The Feminist Library’s stall at events, research new publications and much more. Find out more at


There are countless problems in the world. Hunger, poverty, injustice, inequality, abuse, violence – the list unfortunatley goes on and on. But if we don’t stop or at least slow down climate change, of which the effects are devastating, everything else will be obsolete. Volunteer with Greenpeace who are really helping. Their campaigns are 100% funded by donations so if you have disposable income, donate. If you want to get your hands dirty, join a local Greenpeace group, volunteer in the office join their political lobbying network, spread awareness and infer knowledge and make a difference to your world. Find out more at

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