Sustainable Swaps: Baking
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Sustainable Swaps: Baking

How to become an eco-baker

There’s nothing better than freshly baked goods – but, like everything, there are ways we can be greener with our sweet treats. Here are some easy sustainable baking swaps you can make, from choosing eco-friendly equipment to sharing extras with others.

Sustainable Swaps: Baking 

Bake from scratch

First thing’s first: which ingredients are you buying? If you’re partial to a baking kit, consider baking from scratch instead. Although the boxes themselves tend to be recyclable, kits often come with ingredients in lots of little plastic bags. Instead, buy big packs of all your store cupboard staples (flour, sugar etc.) – or, better still, bulk buy these ingredients from zero-waste stores, and keep them in glass containers at home.

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Use leftover ingredients

Think before throwing leftover fruit and veg in the bin: they may have passed their prime, but often this actually makes them better suited to baking. Many bakers think over-ripe bananas are optimal for banana bread, for instance, and stale bread works well in a bread and butter pudding.

Berry crumble

Choose local and seasonal

‘Local and seasonal’ is the tagline du jour – but it really is the way to go when it comes to food. Swap supermarkets for local farmer’s markets, and when you’re buying fresh ingredients, think seasonal – berry crumbles in summer, pumpkin pies in autumn, and fig puddings in winter. 

Switch to biodegradable cupcake cases

Alongside your ingredients, consider what you’re putting your creations in. Instead of regular paper cases, opt for compostable baking cups, such as these ones from If You Care, which are made from sustainably sourced greaseproof paper. 


Use reusable baking paper

On a similar note, swap traditional parchment paper for a reusable alternative, like this one from Lakeland, which is dishwasher-safe and can last for up to five years. 

Share with others

Made a big batch of brownies, cookies or cakes? Share your treats with friends, family and colleagues to ensure there’s none left over. It’s worth noting that, while donating baked foods to a food bank, charity or hospital sounds like a nice gesture, sometimes they can’t accept homemade, perishable creations, so be sure to check beforehand.