Douglas McMaster’s Silo & 16 More Of London’s Best Eco-Friendly Restaurants

By Ellie Smith

2 months ago

Eco-minded eateries

It’s funny to think there was a time when people would turn their nose up at low-waste, nose-to-tail cooking. Nowadays, diners are actively seeking out restaurants which demonstrate eco-friendly principles – and the places that aren’t are getting left behind. Most good eateries are trying to minimise their impact on the environment, but there are some standouts, which we’ve highlighted here. Our pick of London’s most sustainable restaurants features the names that put the planet front and centre. That means eco-friendly principles are seen throughout all parts of the business: from using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients to cutting carbon emissions in the kitchen and taking part in charitable fundraising initiatives. From organic pubs to farm-to-table dining rooms, these are the capital’s greenest culinary spots.

Best Sustainable Restaurants In London 2024

Food at Silo restaurant