Keeping the family fed, washed, let alone entertained is a struggle enough. Well, you can tick off the entertainment side now, since this guide save you the extra time and faff of trawling through the internet, and have all your entertainment ideas in one neat place.

In London, we’ve got a wealth of ideas for different ages. We’ve rounded up the best afternoon teas, the best family days out, where the best park cafes are for a pit stop, and also an itinerary of the best day out for the notoriously difficult to please: teens.

Now, moving onto school holidays. We’re always covering the best things to do during half term, Easter breaks, and all the rest of it. Plus, we’ve got some specifics, like which Greek islands are best for kids, and the ultimate hacks to surviving a camping holiday with kids.

Or maybe you’re just at home, scratching your head on how to keep the family occupied, we’ve got some realistic ideas that actually might do the trick. We’ve got how to making your kids a haven, the best sustainability documentaries, the best audiobooks for them to listen to, plus posh party ideas, if you’re so inclined.

And finally, consider the roof above your head: interiors. We cover the best homes near the best prep schools, how to decorate a boy’s bedroom (they’ll actually like), and general ideas on how to make their room a little sanctuary for them.

All this and more, in our ultimate guide to entertaining the family.